Comments on COP (Part 2)


Comments on COP (Part 2)

By: Clarita Ivone R.

Translated by: Vivian Graciela Chertian

After hearing out comments from the rector and students from South Korea, let’s see more comments from the participants! Do you have a guess on the countries where the students featured in this interview came from? Let’s have a look!

  1. Rosa van Essen, Kim Olijerhoek – the Netherlands, “Not as tourists, but to be part of them”.

Personally, Rosa takes a liking towards community service. When their university announced this event, Rosa made a decision to participate in it. Kim, in another hand, was glad to participate in this event since she would meet someone from different tribe and race. In Indonesia, she could find diversity not found before in the village where she lives. COP also gave Rosa and Kim a chance to visit Indonesia not as a tourist, but as a part of the Indonesian society. This is their first experience.

  1. Nur Mardhiah Binti Abrahim – Singapore, “Helping out by influencing not only on the meantime, but also on a long term basis.”

There was something unique from Singapore. There was only one representative, a woman, and enthusiastically awaited the COP event. Mardhiah admitted that when she saw the announcement about COP, she made sure that she had to participate in this event. She didn’t mind having to come to Indonesia on her own. For her, when she really wants to do something, she will really do it. Being either on her own or in a group does not influence her desire. When questioned about her expectations in participating in this event, she would like to improve her soft skill. A difficult situation made her feel challenged instead in finding her own potential. Be it finding strength or weakness, those two will increase her knowledge. She also applied this for her future job. Also, she hoped that she could give influence in long term. Not only providing help for the meantime, but also giving influence for the future. She would like to contribute to something meaningful.

Those are the several responses from students participating in COP. On Tuesday, July 12, 2017, they set out to Mojokerto for a mission together – interacting with the villagers, educating students, and fixing broken facilities in the village. Hopefully this event could influence the villagers and every participants!

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