Comments on COP (Part 1)


Comments on COP (Part 1)

By: Clarita Ivone R.
Translated by: Vivian Graciela Chertian

Have you ever wondered about what is inside the Community Outreach Program (COP) participants’ mind when participating in this program? How was the rector’s response regarding this event? Here are several short opinions from the participants on this event where every participants were brought inside a brand new world. Check this out!
1. Prof. Ir. Rolly Intan, M.A.Sc. , Dr. Eng. – Rector of Petra Christian University, “Success does not come solely from hard skill, but soft skill is as important.” As stated by Rolly, COP is a good chance for Indonesian students to interact with foreign students. This event is also a good opportunity to know other culture. In the opening ceremony, for instance, students from every country introduce their culture by performances. COP would also like to instill that diversity is a positive thing – not as a reason to divide, but to complement each other and unite for a common mission together. Hopefully, the mission to help Mojokerto inhabitants could be accomplished well.
2. Jiyoon Kim, Jioh Shin, Hyelim Lee – Students from South Korea, “Help out together, not individualistic”.
For these three foreign students, COP is the first community service event which they followed. Their origin university, Dongseo University, is Petra Christian University (PCU)’s partner in carrying out this event. Every year, their university will offer every student to participate in this event. The three of them then registered and joined. While Jiyoon Kim stated that they would like to help as a community and do it together, Jioh Shin stated that she had a friend in Indonesia and felt interested in this country. Last but not least, Hyelim Lee. He/she felt challenged to join this event after hearing about it from his/her relative. Meeting friends from different countries is something challenging for him/her.

Would you like to know more opinions from the foreign students participating in this event? Check the next article out and stay tuned!

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